The Sunflowers: Introducing Summer 2019

The Art of Imagination


Put away cell phones and computer games and let your creative energy bloom. Whether it is constructing habitats for forest fairies and crafting stories about imaginary creatures, we will be reading and writing about real, mythical and whimsical characters and settings at Camp Summerset.  Art, music and dance will all be a part of the journey.

Let’s reawaken what has been quieted inside. Come let your imagination be the inspiration and guide us on this spirited and unique adventure.

Our usual camp picnic will involve sharing our voyages. On that night, campers and family members and teachers will partake in a celebration of all that the campers have created and feast on food, words, sharing and laughter.

Our special camp program for upper grades (6th, 7th, 8th) will ONLY be offered if a minimum of 10 campers sign up. This program would include expected readings from school and opportunities to engage in peer discussions, individual writing conferences and reflections – all in a relaxed atmosphere. Various other activities include e-book partnerships with younger campers and participation in our Spreading the Words community outreach project. It would include creating a word mural which would be donated to a local organization. Eighth graders who participate in the program are considered for our Volunteer Program the following summer.


“When I pick my kids up from camp, their huge smiles show how good they feel about what they've done that day and what a great time they've had. It truly is a special place and one where they can’t wait to return to each year!.”

“My children learned to read and write better and develop a love for the creative process.”

“The staff at Summerset creates a family environment for our children while teaching them to love reading and writing.”