About Camp Summerset

The Seeds

Since 1991, The Learning Institute has offered an enriching reading and writing summer camp experience called Camp Summerset. It revolves around a creative theme that comes alive in a personal, meaningful way, motivating children to explore their imaginations. Camp Summerset welcomes all children (beginning kindergarten through 8th grade) with a wide range of abilities, learning styles and backgrounds. From the first day, children are respected and honored as the most important part of this literary journey. They learn to become strategic readers and writers, a formative experience that serves as a strong foundation for life-long learning in and out of school.

Children excel when everyone at the camp joins together and this includes parents. We welcome, respect, and celebrate every facet of the parent/child relationship. This connection is essential to establishing a common ground and embracing the powerful and exciting literary journey. At the end of the journey, excitement builds for the evening celebration picnic. This is truly a magical night where the children share their accomplishments. The evening is dedicated to acknowledging all that the children have learned and created.

“When learning is fun and happens in a supportive environment, you can see those tiny seeds begin to flourish into a garden of life-long readers and writers.”

“This is a place that will nurture a child’s spirit and make them feel proud of who they are.”